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Ever wondered why some members of an audience seem gripped with enthusiasm, while others sit tapping their pens or struggling to keep their eyes open?

This is because an audience can be split into three groups by the way they take in information. Each member’s individual personality determines whether they absorb information in a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic way. In the same way, as a presenter, your personality determines the way in which you present your information. If your personality is auditory based, you will only be reaching the auditory personalities in your audience.

Positive Presentations is a 3 step programme to guarantee that your message is developed and designed in a way that will reach EVERY member of your audience.

By joining forces with Positive Choices, the communications specialists, we can offer a complete service to design and develop your entire presentation to maximise the visual impact and content of your slides as well as offering bespoke training to enhance your delivery, ensuring an effective and successful presentation.

Positive Choices’ fully qualified Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) Master Practitioners are experts in communications, using proven skills and techniques to ensure your content is written to positively impact and reach all of your audience.

Working closely with Positive Choices in the design stage, we will then apply their proven visual communication techniques to our creative design process to provide professional and effective visuals to reinforce the impact of your message.

Visuals and content are only part of the total solution. Our communications experts can also provide you with presenter skills training to maximise the delivery of your message. Our coaching team can ensure that you engage, educate and entertain your entire audience giving you added confidence and providing you with lifelong skills to enhance all your future presentations.

The following outlines the elements developed in each stage:

Developing the right message (Content development)

  • Structure
  • Language/vocabulary
  • Key points
  • Audience level analysis

The Visual Impact (Designing for visual effectiveness)

  • Professional template
  • Graphics
  • Colour
  • Layout
  • Interactivity
  • Imagery
  • Charts
  • Handouts

The Perfect Delivery (Presenter skills training)

  • Timing/pace
  • Language/vocabulary
  • Tone
  • Communication skills
  • Structure
  • Audience analysis
  • Rehearsal


For further information or to book this service please contact us at or call on 01784 245377 or 07767 296 225.









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