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About Us

Pride in Presentation is about creativity, effectiveness, reliability and convenience for you the customer.

Founded in March 2007 by Melody Smith

Melody, ‘The PowerPoint Guru’, has been waving her magic wand over presentations for over 12 years, the last 8 years in her role as presentation co-ordinator for an international marketing agency based in London. Those who have worked with Melody, will know why she named her new company Pride in Presentation, she takes immense pride in her work and is passionate about providing a top class service to all her clients no matter how big or small the job is.

In her own words...

“I have worked with presenters for many years helping them create the perfect presentation to deliver their messages, I thrive on being able to help make their presentations successful and effective. My experience in graphic design, image manipulation, photography and audio visual support over the years has provided me with an in-depth understanding of what is needed in a presentation and more importantly what a presentation should be. I also understand the timescale issues that often curse the presenter, no matter how last minute it may be - there is always time to make it look good and improve its performance. Much of my business is in the quick makeover, it does make a big difference. Professionalism always does.

I am incredibly proud to know that my name has become synonymous with speed, reliability and creativity when my clients talk about improving their presentation visuals. It baffles me that many presenters spend so much of their valuable time putting together the content for their slides but risk wasting all that time by confusing and distracting their audience with poor visuals, their message is then lost on the audience. This is why I set up Pride in Presentation, I want to make it easy for any presenter to deliver great presentations, lack of time or skills is no longer an excuse. Our service is convenient, very reasonably priced and always professional. We are not a presentation ‘factory’ though, I like to work closely with my clients to ensure we reach the perfect result, many of my clients have their own creative thoughts about what they’d like a visual to look like but they lack the skill or creativity to create it themselves, I am happy to work through this with them and produce their creative idea. Others prefer to give me carte blanche on creativity and are always happy with the results.

Working for myself has allowed me to be far more flexible about how and when I work on projects. It is fairly common for me to get a last minute request with a desperate plea to do my magic on it for the following morning’s conference or pitch, so I now offer a 24 hour service on request. I’ll work overnight to deliver what my client needs, fair warning is always welcome when possible though. I am also enjoying the variety of projects I now get to work on, as a global online service, there’s no knowing what I’ll be waving my magic wand on next.

My number one objective is to deliver a first class service creating high impact and visually effective presentations to our clients on time. A trusted and reliable service that will keep them coming back again and again, saving them time, saving them money and in most cases making them money.”

Melody Smith        

Approved Member of the Society of Virtual Assistants and the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants
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